Create spiritual integrity with traditional shadow work

Learn your unique medicine and how to do healing work in a reverent way


What's Traditional Shadow Work?


 Confronting your shadows using a traditional approach of the medicine wheel.


Shadow work is an Earth based modality for beginning to identify the spirits you feed through your actions, decisions, narratives, values, and so much more. We all feed spirits, both positive and negative. It is through this traditional practice that you become aware of your shadows in your Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit.

The medicine wheel is found in all ancestries. This is because the four elements are all of our original ancestors. When we learn to work with the medicine wheel, we learn holistic healing. We learn how to move with nature as oppose to against it. We learn how to heal in a good way. 

Shadow work is not therapy. Therapy is a collection of co-opted indigenous teachings used to create profit by creating co-dependent relationships. Shadow work is the opposite. Shadow work is an indigenous modality that all our ancestors used. Journeying into our personal underworlds was a rite of passage and seen as vital to being a good human and healthy spirit.

This is a simple yet complex process. Shadow work requires great commitment to self by honoring the ancestors and the Earth. The process requires you to see the sacredness of your vessel and your spirit, to understand the power you hold. 

Shadow work is uncomfortable. People often bypass this fundamental piece of their healing journey. I am here to help you along your shadow work journey, to help you recognize and release these shadow parts of self + recover your higher selves.

Shadow work is less daunting when you have a helping hand. This work becomes easier to navigate when you have someone to hold you accountable, offer a different perspective, and provide a stable foundation for shadow work through traditional teachings.




Why Traditional Shadow Work?

3 reasons.

Creates spiritual integrity.

 There's no room New Ageism or appropriation or bypassing when traditional shadow work is rooted in the elements and traditional way.

Learn your unique medicine.

By learning how to heal your shadows you reclaim your gifts, connection to the ancestors, and develop your unique expression of healing.

Teaches how to do proper healing work.

This type of shadow work teaches us how to bring in good medicine by working with the medicine wheel.


You don't need another healing, you need shadow work.


"Healer hopping" is the new plague of spirituality. Instead of taking our healing into our own hands we pass it off into the hands of others. Shadow work is the complete opposite. Dependency on anything outside of yourself is an addiction, even if its masked in spirituality.

It's time for you to be the change you wish to see. 

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What I stand for...


 I do not take shadow work lightly. This work requires self-discipline and responsibility. I will be holding you to your commitments within shadow work, just as you hold yourself accountable for your healing.


 This is a must within shadow work. The more vulnerable you are the more the shadow is exposed. This is a safe space. Please come open.


You are a unique soul that carries their own individual medicine. That means each shadow + higher self will be uniquely your own. Embrace the duality you carry.


You have finally stepped into a space where you can recognize and stop your self-destructive behaviors.

Healthy Relationships

You understand how you show up in your platonic + romantic relationships. You've identified the patterns of chaos and are now liberated from these cycles.

Know Your Medicine

You have clarity within your purpose and know why you are here. You are aligned with your great work and feel confident on your path.

You feel...

Confident. Aware. Empowered.


This reality is achievable through REAL shadow work.


Hello, I'm Cole.

I am here to help spiritual practitioners create spiritual integrity by grounding their spirits into traditional teachings of the medicine wheel and shadow work. 

I am a nunka of the Lakota tradition. I have dedicated my life to this path. It is through deep reverence and my traditional teachings that I bring forth my medicine.

Within many traditional paths, the community gifts you your titles; you do not proclaim it yourself.

I could list all of the "credentials" and "labels" that western society prides itself on, but I will not. My medicine and those I touch ARE my credentials. 

My medicine, like all of us, cannot be encapsulated with words.

I work deeply within the lower worlds of shadow, helping people navigate + understand the dark.

I come from grandfathers and grandmothers who worked in the shadows of their communities. Many of my grandmothers worked with the land and plants, bringing aliments to the ill. My grandfathers worked closely with the elements, learning their ways and messages.

 I do this for the ancestors who couldn't. 

No more will my ancestors' medicine be feared, hidden, or shamed. I am here, standing strong in my medicine, ready to continue their great work.

I am here for YOU.

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Cardinal Shadow Work

Healing through the medicine wheel + learning your medicine

What to expect...

 Introducing Cardinal Shadow Work

6 Month Shadow Work Program

We meet three times a month.

One for teachings.

One for healings. 

One for support.

#1 Session

Foundations of Shadow Work 

In our first session we will cover:

- Teachings of the Medicine Wheel

- Naming the Shadows

- Naming the Medicine

- How to Shadow Grid


We begin with the teachings of the medicine wheel. We are all walking a unique hoop. Through understanding the medicines of each direction we will identify the shadows in your Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. Through this awareness your higher selves (elevated spirit) will be recognized as well. The wheel grounds us into the original ancestors of the elements and allows us to heal holistically, not partially.


#2 Session 

Identity Shadow

We'll dive into:

- Air Medicine

- Shadow Statements

- Dark Values

- 4 Parts of Shadow


Through western programming much of our identity is attached to the external. In this month, we will strip away the illusions of self to see the true essence of your spirit. Through identifying the identities of the shadows and true selves we are able to see the masks you wear and you are at the core. This month we begin trance states, the foundational modality to the Spirit work from this point forward.


#3 Session

Ancestral Shadow

We'll begin:

- Earth Medicine

- Ancestral Shadow Tracking Modality

- Ancestral Reverence through Altar work

- Sacred Communion to Plants & Animal Spirits 

Our ancestors are the foundation on which we stand. It is our responsibility to heal and reclaim the medicines of those who have walked before us. You will learn right relation with our plant and animal relatives by working with them deeply this month.

This month's emphasis is on reclaiming ancestral medicines + healing generational wounds.

#4 Session

Heart Shadow

We'll cover:

- Water Medicine

-12 Types of Relationships

- Pleasures in the Shadows

- Diamond Modality

- Heart Retrieval

Throughout life our spirit's fragment. This month is rooted within reclaiming the shards of your heart and stitching in the missing pieces. Your relationship hoop will teach us what needs to done in order to mend the heart.

We will deepen your definition of love inspired from internalized survival + habitual patterns. This month's emphasis will focus on where you feed the "void" of other.

#5 Session

Spirit Shadow

 We begin:

- Fire Medicine

- What is Your Medicine?

- Medicine Tracking: The Timeline

- Responsibility & Reverence

Each one of us holds a medicine. Medicines vary in their potency and presentation. This month we dive deeply into understanding the medicine you hold and the responsibility of you holding it.

#6 Session

Collective Shadow

 We begin:

- Light & Dark Medicine

- Collective Shadow Tracking

- Evolution of the Shadow

- Closing the Medicine Wheel

As you deepen your awareness of your personal shadows you begin to recognize that of the collective. This month you identify the influence of the collective shadow and how you can help heal it.


We meet three times a month, one for teachings, one for healings, and one for support in your shadow work journey.



Cardinal Shadow Work

  • 6 Months of Shadow Work
  • Monthly Teachings and Modalities
  • Monthly Healings
  • Monthly Support Sessions
  • Deepen ancestral connection
  • Learn how to heal with elemental communion
  • Learn your Cardinal Shadows of the Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit
  • Learn your Cardinal Higher Selves
  • Identity Shadow
  • Ancestral Shadow
  • Heart Shadow
  • Spirit Shadow
  • Collective Shadow
  • Access to Cardinal Shadow Work¬†Community
  • My support throughout the journey


"There are very few people I trust with my life, with the most hidden, raw, vulnerable parts of myself and my life. There are very few who can hold a mirror with complete honesty, who have done the work needed to guide others to the core of their being. Cole is one of these very rare people. The questions I thought I'd never answer in this life about myself, my feelings, my blocks, are all being answered through working with Cole and I'm so grateful."

Jessica J.

"This journey stripped me to my core and with Cole's help I was able to build myself back up as I desired, not as I was told by society. Cole helped me face my darkest realities and he has pushed me with severe truths when I would rather stay stagnant. He sees the very essence of the matter and lights the truth to be seen. Cole's medicine and work has truly changed my life."


"Cole helped me build a better foundation for my inner work than any other person I've worked with before. He will ask you the questions and give you the tools you need to go deeper in recognizing and integrating your shadows."

Each session we will focus on ONE Shadow

 The Shadows

Identity shadow

 The identity shadow consists of your ego. It is who you believe yourself to be. It is your self-image, self-esteem, and self-perception. This shadow influences the way you view yourself.

 Ancestral Shadow

The ancestral shadow consists of the traumas your ancestors endured AND inflicted. Your childhood factors into this shadow. This shadow results in generational trauma.

 Heart Shadow

 The relationship shadow is exactly as it sounds. It primarily rules over your intimate relationships, both platonic and sexual. This shadow influences the partners your choose, the friendships your create, and the way you show up in partnerships.

Spirit Shadow

 The purpose shadow blocks you from stepping into your great work. This shadow makes you feel lost, hopeless, and powerless. It influences your will to live and the quality of your life.



Medicine Wheel Teaching

This modality has saved my life. It is rooted in simplicity and clarity.

Basics of Protection

Understanding your unique protection + how to properly utilize it.

Shadow Tracking

A simple yet effective way to map a shadow's history.

Your Medicine

Learn your gifts and service to this world.




Q: Are sessions done in person or remote?

A: All sessions are held virtually via Zoom.

Q: How do you know you need/ are ready for shadow work?

A: Everyone needs shadow work. We all have blind spots within our selves that influence our lives. Shadow work shows us these blind spots. The real question is are you ready to take accountability for your healing?

Q: I still have questions...

A: No worries, fill out the application and I will be in contact with you soon.